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If I wanted to win the hearts and minds of farmers in Latin America and Afghanistan, I probably wouldn’t start by destroying their fields and removing their only hope of feeding their families.Guitherisms, the longest running single-issue blog devoted to drug policy, is published by the Prohibition Isn’t Free Foundation

November 2012
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Using Washington and Colorado as reason to push for federal change.

We’ve seen numerous articles about the votes emboldening other countries.

Jeralyn at TalkLeft has an excellent article about Colorado Representatives drafting bills to keep the feds out of state marijuana laws: CO Reps to Introduce Bill on Marijuana to Protect Amendment 64

Rep. Diana DeGette says she is putting the final touches on a bill […]

Is there a value in incrementalism?

Unlikely allies behind marijuana votes in Washington, Colorado

What transpired in Colorado and Washington were disciplined efforts that forged alliances between liberals and tea party conservatives, often using public health arguments to advance their cause.

Proponents and analysts said both states benefited from existing medical marijuana statutes, money from national liberalization supporters and a sometimes […]

Red Ribbon Silliness

Every year, elementary students are encouraged to do the most bizarre activities in furtherance of the DEA-glorifying Red Ribbon week. Here’s another one: Creating a drug-free message, which includes things like “crazy sock day with a reminder to ‘Sock Out Drugs!’”

I particularly loved the door-decorating contest with the winner “Toadily Against Drugs!”… particularly […]