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March 2010
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State Department Spring Break!

It’s this week

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will travel to Mexico City, Mexico for the Merida U.S.-Mexico High Level Consultative Group meeting on March 23, 2010. The Secretary will be joined by Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates; Secretary of Homeland Security Janet A. Napolitano; Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair; Assistant to the […]

What is Loud Sex and 80 boxes of Jack the Ripper, Alex?

In Mile High City, Weed Sparks Up a Counterculture Clash

Attorney Warren Edson would like to throttle the anonymous marijuana breeder who named a potent strain of weed “Green Crack.”

He’s not too fond, either, of those breeders who have given strains names like “Jack the Ripper,” “White Widow,” “AK-47” and “Trainwreck.”

“How can […]

The real heroes are those willing to defy the blue code of silence

Grits for Breakfast reports on another case of police corruption (covered by the Dallas News): Dallas DA reviewing cases from ‘quarterback’ of Garland drug cops

An undercover informant opened the motel room door, letting four police officers rush in for the drug bust. They quickly arrested a man who had already spent 10 years in […]

The Cliff Kincaid Show

I can’t help myself. These pieces are comedy gold. And now Cliff has turned out his third in a relatively short time on drug policy, and this one is amazing.

This time, he’s gleefully reacting to the recent Christian Science Monitor piece that strangely lauds Drug Czar Kerlikowske for his speech to a Police Chiefs […]

Don't be stupid

Do you really need to take that marijuana grinder with you on the plane? Did it seem like a good idea at the time? Do you know what airport security screening is like?


To the security screeners at the Yakima Air Terminal, the device in the belongings of a departing passenger looked like a […]

Senate passes compromise cocaine sentencing bill. Thanks, Senator Durbin.

Via the ACLU:

WASHINGTON – The Senate this evening voted by unanimous consent to pass a bill that would make crucial changes to current cocaine sentencing laws. The bill, the Fair Sentencing Act, was originally introduced by Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL) to eliminate the discriminatory 100-1 disparity between crack and powder cocaine sentencing under federal […]

Harper argues for legalization, Ignatieff argues for ditch-digging

So, like President Obama, Prime Minister Harper did the YouTube interview and they gave him the marijuana question.

Harper dismissed the idea of legalizing the drug during the interview, which was moderated by Patrick Pichette, Google’s chief financial officer.

“I don’t meet many people who’ve led a drug-free life that regret it. And I’ve […]

A letter

In today’s Bloomington (IL) Pantagraph.

Legalize pot; help budget, not criminals

Our legislators continually shirk their responsibility by failing to regulate drugs like marijuana. Too many kids are smoking pot, but instead of taking charge and setting an age limit, our legislators have turned it over to the criminals who sell to any age. You […]

New development in Rev. Ayers case

I have finally gotten around to adding Rev. Jonathan Ayers to the Drug War Victims page — he definitely needed to be there.

A potentially interesting new development

New developments in the shooting death of Pastor Jonathon Ayers … the officer that delivered the fatal shot did not have arrest powers.

According to Channel Two […]

It's the violence and death

It is unconscionable in this day that there are still masses of the American public who think that “legalization” is something you whisper about with a knowing grin that it’s merely a ploy for hippies to have the opportunity to smoke pot and watch a Cheech and Chong movie.

The discussions that we have regarding […]