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August 2007
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Obama: Send me to the White House, but send other black men like me to the Big House

Via TalkLeft come a Boston Globe column by Derrick Z. Jackson about Barack Obama. Remember that Barack Obama got to where he is today because he never got caught.

That vacillation became evident as he kept talking about crack-vs.-powder sentencing, which has come to symbolize racial injustice in criminal justice. He said that if he […]

Transform joins the U.N.

Congratulations to Transform Drug Policy Foundation for their recognition as special consultative NGO status to the United Nations. Transform has been doing excellent work in opening up the dialogue for alternative approaches to drug policy in the UK and Europe in particular. They’ll only be one voice among many at the U.N., but it’s a […]

Race and the transformation of criminal justice

If you haven’t read Glen C. Loury’s article Why Are So Many Americans in Prison?, you may want to check it out. It’s a pretty powerful picture of incarceration and race — not all about the drug war, but obviously the drug war is a significant element in the equation.

An obscene amount of money for Plan Mexico

$1.2 billion

A U.S. plan to help Mexico fight drug traffickers and their widening violence could cost as much as $1.2 billion over a three-year period, U.S. and Mexican officials close to the talks said Tuesday. “That’s what’s on the table,” said one official speaking on condition of anonymity, though the official cautioned that talks […]