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February 2007



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Pete’s Couch revisited

It’s good to hear old friend John Holowach’s voice again. John is creator and director of the documentary High: The True Tale of American Marijuana, which I reviewed here. He has taken on a new project and tied it in to his documentary — video commentary on the Drug Czar’s YouTube advertisements. Since the Drug […]

The government is hoping you’ll die first

Those who have been with me for a long time, may have fond memories of the Data Quality Act posts. The Data Quality Act is legislation that allowed individuals and groups to challenge federal agencies on the accuracy of their data, and the agency was required to respond within 60 days. Cool, huh? So Americans […]

Lou, you ignorant slut!

Look, everybody knows that Dobbs has a few screws loose, and I should probably ignore him when he spout a combination of lies and junk science and pretends that it’s knowledge, but it’s hard to resist. Here are a few tidbits from the transcript

DOBBS: And our special report, “The War Within,” the detrimental effects, […]

Open Thread

Going out of town again today, so fill me in on what I’m missing.
“bullet” Here’s a fascinating recap of what appeared to be a pretty good discussion on legalization in Polk County, Florida, featuring Peter Christ of LEAP, along with Brad Copley from the office of the state attorney, 10th Judicial Circuit, and Marion Moorman, public defender.
“bullet” Sigh. What can you say when an article titled GOP lawmakers look for advice on drug war starts off with “We need to build more jail cells…ä?

For the children

OK, here’s a quiz to test whether you are a member of the human race:

What would be better for children?

Being raised by their family and living at home along with parents and a plant Having their parents kidnapped and put in a dungeon for 15 years while the children are sent to foster […]

Funny Video

It’s not as creative as “Reefer Madness” though. Here’s the segment from last night on Lou Dobbs (unless youtube yanks it).

[Thanks, Tim]

Really over-the-top scare-mongering. I loved the way they start out with the “It’s Just a Plant” book to imply that the marijuana legalization movement is trying to get pot for kids. […]

Waking up

This is a little old, but I found it to be an interesting read and thought you might as well.
Steve Olson: Why I am No Longer a Republican (and never was a Democrat)

This event pushed me over the edgeŠ

My bright and promising 19-year-old nephew was a college Sophomore in 2005. In October of 2005, the local police arrested him for possession of psilocybin mushrooms.

When I first heard the news I thought, ‘shrooms — no big deal — heČll pay a fine — maybe do a few weeks in county jail — heČll learn a life lesson — it might even be good for him.

What I discovered over the next few months horrified me.

Lou Dobbs

I’m so upset I missed Lou Dobbs’ attack on marijuana legalizers. I’ll just have to wait for the transcripts. We’ve had some updates in the comments on the open thread below. Add any more here. The Quick Vote is up at Lou’s site — if you haven’t voted yet, go ahead and add to it.


Open Thread

I’m on the road today. “bullet” Check out this week’s Drug War Roundup by thehim.