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September 2005



If wishes were horses, beggars would ride

There’s been a rather entertaining exchange going on in the comments of my Drug War Victims page. One of the interesting characters visiting that page is Jake, a real gung-ho drug warrior who referred to the victims as “sh*tbags” and thanked God for Nixon creating the DEA. I think Kaptinemo is having way too much […]

God and Crystal Meth

Read it You and I are just happy it all worked out. But this story has got to be giving some prohibitionists a crisis of faith.

Silly bill names

Souder, Sensenbrenner, and Blunt (that’s frightening by itself) have introduced H.R. 3889, the Methamphetamine Epidemic Elimination Act. Wow. Just pass a bill and eliminate Meth? Amazing. Let’s pass some other bills. How about the Cancer Elimination Act, or the Toxic Waste Elimination Act, or the Crooked Politicians Elimination Act?

More trouble in Afghanistan

Afghan minister quits after ‘drug war rift’ with Karzai Oops.


This is old news now, but I wanted to at least weigh in on the “news” that Kate Moss used cocaine. A surprise to absolutely nobody, yet somehow requiring shocked horror as a reaction. As far as I’m concerned, the best response came from Sarah Doukas, director of the Storm agency:

“I know Kate, and […]

When good things make you sad

Make no mistake about it. Senator Richard Durbin is one of the good guys, and I’m proud to have him as my Senator. He was the only one to stand up to DEA head Karen Tandy in her confirmation hearing (proving she was unfit to serve). He also introduced the Truth in Trials Act to […]

Go check out Last One Speaks

Libby has been blogging up a storm recently, with some great stuff on the Senlis Council, the Salon article on the Utah attack, the effectiveness of meth reaction laws, and DEA delays.

I’m not sure quite what to make of this…

… or how much to believe, but in a special to the World Cannabis new drug of choice to finance Al Qaida

ABU DHABI — Saudi security sources said Sunni insurgents have been smuggling illegal drugs from Iraq to Saudi Arabia to finance insurgency attacks against coalition forces.

The sources said the drugs being […]

Action Alert: Allow Research

Regular readers of this site have heard me complain ad nauseum about the delaying tactics of the federal government to prevent even the proper investigation of medical marijuana. Here’s a chance for you to get your Representatives into the act — an action alert from NORML.

Members of Congress are now rallying support to send […]

Jury says NO

I mentioned this case briefly back in July. As part of a drug sting, police in Great Barrington, MA lured and arrested 19 young people for selling drugs (most were first time offenders and many were for small amounts of marijuana — one was just for connecting the officer with someone who could sell). The […]