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January 2004



Ogilvy and Mather execs charged today with conspiracy for drug war ad overcharges

From AP: Advertising executives charged with cheating U.S. in $684M anti-drug campaign.

A current and a former executive at the Ogilvy & Mather advertising agency were charged Tuesday with conspiracy for allegedly overbilling the U.S. government for a campaign to reduce the illegal drug trade. .. According to the indictment, from May 1999 […]

Green Tide – a study in absurdity by the Ontario police

The Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police last month released a study (pdf) on “the detrimental effects of Marihuana Grow Operations” called Green Tide. It’s a fairly silly report, presented with the seriousness of a major scientific study, with charts and graphs and tables and “upper confidence values” and endnotes and 59 pages, but […]

Nominated for a Koufax!

Drug WarRant has been nominated for a 2003 Koufax for Best Single Issue Blog. It’s a real honor, and a great group of blogs to be listed with. Check them out, and check out all the other Kaufax categories at Wampum.

NORMLcast – New – Tune in tomorow

NORML introduces the ‘National NORMLcast’, a weekly news and review of all things relating to cannabis-n-culture, pot-n-politics and language-n-law. Your host is radio personality, libertarian and Tampa-based entrepreneur Glenn Klein. Each Wednesday evening, starting at 10:00 PM (eastern), Glenn explores the ‘world of weed’ on air with producer and Executive Director of The NORML […]

More on Mandatory Minimums

Via Hit and Run, we get Debra Saunders’ article today in the SFGate — a followup to the 60 Minutes piece on mandatory minimums.

When I reached Bogan on his cell phone, I asked him how many drug kingpins he thought were in federal prison today. Bogan answered, “My estimation is of the 85,000 […]