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October 2003



Numbers are tricky things…

In this week’s DrugSense Weekly Newsletter:

While the dangers and horrible effects of prohibited drugs are given great play in the press, when government-paid “experts” are found to have exaggerated “facts” little attention is paid. In New Zealand last week, a government scientist who promotes drug testing was forced to admit she had exaggerated by some 244% the number of drug users detected by random tests. The government’s “expert”, Dr Susan Nolan, twice testified to court last week that drugs were found in 22 percent of samples collected from workers tested. But when called on it, the government-hired expert conceded that only 9 percent contained drugs, not 22 percent as she had originally testified. The 244% mistake (in the government’s favor) was merely a “copying error,” explained Nolan.

You know, that happens to me all the time. I mean to type a “9” and end up hitting the “2” key twice instead. Easy mistake.

Your tax dollars hard at work!

University of Virginia:

At a press conference last Friday, local authorities announced the indictment of 33 people on charges of drug distribution and sales… The arrests mark the conclusion of a 15-month undercover operation conducted by the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement (JADE) Task Force. The investigation, dubbed “Operation Spring Break Down,” involved agents from […]

Venezuala’s Vice President Disses Drug Czar

This Week’s Drug War Chronicle also mentions that Venezuelan Vice-President Jose Vicente Rangel gets as pissed off at John Walters as I do:

“This is a lie, a calumny, a total infamy,” retorted Rangel


Note: By the way, DRCNet, who puts together this wonderful weekly newsletter, needs some help. If you can, give […]

Jerome Marks – a Justice for Justice

This week’s Drug War Chronicle from DRCNet has an interview with retired New York Supreme Court Justice Jerome Marks, who has spent most of his time since retirement fighting against the war on drugs, and helping the victims of the war. First, this from New York Newsday earlier this week:

In his 22 years […]


Thanks for the nice review today from The Weblog Review:

…If you are interested in how The Man is spending your money in “the war against drugs” then you will likely find this site to be a great resource. All in all the web site accomplishes what it is meant to in a clear […]