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January 2019
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Anslinger lives on

Kansas lawmaker makes racist comments about African Americans, marijuana

Republican Rep. Steve Alford of Ulysses:

“What you really need to do is go back in the ’30s when they outlawed all types of drugs in Kansas (and) across the United States, what was the reason they did that?” Alford said at the event. “One of the reasons why, I hate to say it, the African-Americans, they were basically users and they basically responded the worst off those drugs just because (of) their character makeup, their genetics, and that.”

Alford later said: “I’m about as far from being a racist as I can get.”

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14 comments to Anslinger lives on

  • Freeman

    Alford later said: “I’m about as far from being a racist as I can get.”

    Well, he did respectfully refer to them as African-Americans and claimed to “hate to say” the things he said about them. Among fellow racists-in-denial, this completely covers for the unjustifiable and demeaning comments about race that followed. It’s just a shame that this ridiculously transparent cover-up is as far from being racist as he feels he can get. I would hope that with a little introspection and self-honesty he could do better.

  • Servetus

    Some people don’t know they’re racist because they don’t know what racism is. Racism Today wasn’t on the list of courses in my high school. Another course, Fascism Today, was also conspicuously missing from the social studies curriculum. Why was that? Could it be that if people understood these concepts, as experts understand them, they might think more effectively, and thereby avoid some problems like racism, or electing fascist leaders?

    I once encountered a family business owner and operator in LA who blamed Mexican Americans and undocumented workers in his unsafe sweatshop for the awful working conditions in his company. He didn’t have a college degree. He also exhibited short man syndrome. He thought I would believe his shtick, that I would buy the idea his company is screwed up because of its workers, and not management. He also said that anyone calling him a racist was using “fightin’ words”.

    Five years later he was out of business.

  • I want to give AOC all my monies

    Back in the 70s I was on an escalator outside of Candlestick Park headed to the upper deck to watch the S.F. Giants play. I was with a buddy and there were two large white guys (same with me and my friend) just below a black dude in the middle of us. A reverse Oreo.

    One of the white guys gives me this knowing look and started saying some racist bullshit I don’t remember. I didn’t say a word as I reached past the black dude and took a ball cap off the racist’s head and tossed it off the escalator.

  • DdC

    I went to school during the 60s in a segregated tax paid public school long after the Civil Rights Act. Solely due to Real Estate Agencies refusing to sell to people of color. The first black person I met was after graduation. Then I moved to Florida mid 70s and the town and only factory was also segregated. Except this time my ponytail got me placed in the not white section. Thanks to the fact most working in that area smoked pot, it all worked out. I had a “Ghetto” pass to the jukes in the quarters. I’ve seen riots in Pittsburgh after MLK and the Steelers winning the Super Bowl. Now in Santa Cruz it doesn’t seem to be an issue. I know white guys who married blacks and blacks guys who married whites. Racism is such a waste of good anger with a bonafide idiot in the WH.

    As I’ve mentioned a time or two. mho, Racism is a tool of Fascism. Trump uses it to divide the same as Hitler. Slavery was not stopped by do gooder Abolitionists and certainly not by racist Lincoln. It was the Industrial Revolution that made it cheaper to plow a field with a tractor than housing a dozen slaves. The “Great Migration” wasn’t about helping newly freed blacks. It was about less than minimum wage labor building the skyscrapers and fancy bridges. “Feelings/emotions” usually have little say in most profit situations. Marital rape wasn’t outlawed federally until Reagan. The churches in all denominations have perverts still walking free. Schools still teach subjects coinciding with the local business needs.

    Check the inmate population and it’s not surprising that people of color make up most of the arrests. As the Ganjawar is no different from Jim Crow or lynchings and Jury Nullifications. A way to keep nonwhites from power. Now with maxcap contracts private profit prisons the poor are worth more tax and capital in a cage than flipping burgers. Look at the differences in Dispensaries. Fascism is once again rearing its ugly face with Ganja and Hemp over taxing, over regulating and over packaging. Yes Virginia, It Can Happen Here.

    Burnt Cannabis Odor Not Grounds For Search, Vermont Supreme Court Rules

    The Word Ganja: Origins and Meaning

    Ro Khanna @RoKhanna Jan 7
    What is the point of legalization if Black residents continue to be disproportionately arrested for use? Legal marijuana should mean that people are no longer arrested, prior convictions are expunged, and communities of color are able to take part in the legal marijuana industry.

  • DdC

    Former Drug Czar Walters:
    Wall Will Discourage People With Drugs From Entering U.S.

    Magnificent men and their flying machines doneed no stinkin wall.
    Marijuana cannon
    Pot Catapult
    Drug Smuggling Submarines
    drug-smuggling tunnels
    self-propelled semi-submersible


    Legal marijuana is finally doing what the drug war couldn’t
    The latest data from the U.S. Border Patrol shows that last year, marijuana seizures along the southwest border tumbled to their lowest level in at least a decade.

    Is legal pot putting Mexico out of business?

  • I believe the idea of “character makeup” and it’s relationship to genetics has already been thoroughly investigated as the subject of “racial hygiene”.

    The whole war on drugs slants that way if you ask me.

  • Servetus

    Border walls as recently endorsed by former Drug Czar John Walters are a metaphor for us-versus-them policies, ‘them’ being those stuck with a drug war foisted upon them by their northern neighbor. It’s a long range international strategy. With drug wars, the United States enjoys a radical but effective type of gunboat diplomacy against its southern neighbors. Its impact in Mexico has been overwhelming.

    Racism precipitates drug wars. Drug wars precipitate racism. And racists such as John Walters thrive on it all.

    However, a wall won’t stop the intrepid journalist Anabel Hernández from exposing the political and economic conditions in Mexico prompting the current border bastion frenzy. Her recent book, A Massacre in Mexico, reveals the events and politics of the drug war as it relates to the execution deaths of 43 innocent Mexican students in 2014.

    In a book review by Angus Macqueen, A Massacre in Mexico by Anabel Hernández – the truth on the ‘disappeared’?, he notes:

    Anabel Hernández’s book (first published in Spanish in 2016) rates as one of the most difficult I have encountered in a very long time. Difficult at every level: to believe, to take in the implications, to process the appalling violence and, sadly, in parts, simply to read.

    On the surface, it is basically an investigation into another Mexican atrocity. But this is as important a book about the state of a nation as any you will find. If Hernández is right – and her evidence is formidable – for four years the government of president Enrique Peña Nieto has been openly, indeed aggressively, lying about the fate of 43 students who disappeared one evening in the town of Iguala. It has not just lied, but actively covered up a crime, using a level of brutality and torture that rivals any drug cartel. And while the newly elected president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has promised an independent inquiry, we should perhaps not hold our breath: the most disturbing part of Hernández’s message is that the years of corruption by drug cartels has left a stuttering democracy, ruled by complicit politicians, where the military operates completely according to its own rules. This resembles the Colombia of the 1990s, when the state and cartels had virtually merged. […]

    The gangsters in the mountains are tightly bound to the criminals in suits who are driven in smart black cars to work. […]

    And from a review by Ed Vulliamy, ‘Mexico’s war on drugs is one big lie’:

    Anabel Hernández, journalist and author, accuses the Mexican state of complicity with the cartels, and says the ‘war on drugs’ is a sham. She’s had headless animals left at her door and her family have been threatened by gunmen. Now her courageous bestseller…is to be published in the UK

    Courageous indeed. Drug war journalism in Mexico is categorically hazardous. One of Ms Hernández’s sources was recently disappeared.

  • Plata O Plomo?

    “Mr. Guzmán paid a bribe of $100 million to President Peña Nieto?” Jeffrey Lichtman, one of Mr. Guzmán’s lawyers, asked Mr. Cifuentes during cross-examination.

    “Yes,” Mr. Cifuentes said.

  • WalStMonky


    Well now, we have another “study” of a small number (46) of teens making headlines which claim that even a single use of cannabis alters teens brain morphology. The headlines don’t mention that the change is an increase in gray matter nor do they note that there aren’t before and after images…the “increase” is imputed from what’s expected and a “control” group of teens who swore they never got high. But I guess this one is rather worrisome. Adolescents already think they know everything, do we really want them to have bigger brains?
    Teens’ brains can be altered after using marijuana just one time, “study” finds
    Grey Matter Volume Differences Associated with Extremely Low Levels of Cannabis Use in Adolescence

  • DdC

    Barr signals support for ending marijuana legalization
    Attorney general nominee William P. Barr said Tuesday afternoon that he would support a federal law prohibiting the recreational use of marijuana by in all 50 states — even those that have legalized it at the state level.

    Cannabis in Congress:
    Why Federally Legal Weed Could Soon Be a Reality

    Pro-marijuana bills introduced to congress used to be largely symbolic — now they have a chance to actually reach the floor if the House and come to a vote

  • NCN

    Alford later said: “I’m about as far from being a racist as I can get.”

    Is it possible to suck on the crack pipe of White Privilege and not be racist?

  • Servetus

    The drug war in Mexico is obstructing scientific research into new medicines derived from the venom of the vampire bat.

    University of Queensland researcher Bryan Fry and Monash University PhD student Rahini Kakumanu can no longer access their former field site due to the area being affected by the US’s drug war:

    15-Jan-2019 — An international team led by The University of Queensland has found a new class of blood pressure-regulating peptides in the venom of the common vampire bat (Diphylla ecaudata).

    UQ School of Biological Sciences researcher Associate Professor Bryan Fry said the peptides could help revolutionise treatments for a wide range of conditions, including hypertension, heart failure, kidney diseases and burns, but the research had been hampered by criminal activity at a Mexican field site. […] “We can’t access our original field site in Mexico anymore, because we’re told that region has been taken over by drug traffickers,” he said. “It’s now too dangerous for even my Mexican colleagues to go there, let alone a gringo like me.

    “We’ll have to find new field sites that are safe to work in, but once we do that we’ll be on track to find new peptide variations and potential wonder drugs, helping improve and save lives.” […]

    Bryan Fry describes the significance of the new discovery:

    “The peptides are mutated forms of the Calcitonin Gene Related Peptide (CGRP), used by our bodies to relax blood vessels,” he said.

    “The peptides from the bats are unusually selective in their mode of action, making them even more therapeutically useful than the CGRP, as they have fewer side-effects.

    “This could potentially help doctors in the treatment of a range of disorders featuring heightened pressure in small blood vessels, or may be able to improve blood flow to damaged or transplanted tissue such as skin grafts.”

    Associate Professor Fry said there was much more to be learned than feared from the unique but much maligned vampire bats.

    “This discovery is another example of why it’s so important to broadly protect nature, since we can’t predict where the next great biologically sourced drug discovery is going to come from,” he said.

    “Venomous animals around the world are under threat, even more so than most other threatened or endangered species, due to deliberate persecution driven by fear or misunderstanding.”

    AAAS Public Release: Vampire bat venom could hold key to new medical treatments

    Fear, loathing, and misunderstanding are also what keeps marijuana maligned while not thoroughly researched for medicinal benefits. That and a drug testing vampire named Robert DuPont whose ghoulish minions drain body fluids to detect cannabis consumers and turn them into criminals, if not vampires.

  • Servetus

    Joe Biden, the modern era’s Anslinger, colluded with the notorious racist Senator Strom Thurmond to create anti-drug legislation ultimately aimed at decimating black American communities. Branko Marcetic writes in Jacobin Magazine “Joe Biden: Mass Incarceration Zealot”:

    …every time Republicans put forward a measure that escalated the carceral state beyond sense and reason, Biden would look to one-up it.

    Biden was already a tough-on-crime evangelist before this speech, of course. In the 1980s, Biden worked with his “old buddy,” arch-segregationist Strom Thurmond, to pass several bills that fundamentally reshaped the American criminal justice system in the direction of more incarceration. […]

    Biden would later brag in the Senate that it was under his and Thurmond’s leadership that Congress passed a law sending anyone caught with a rock of cocaine the size of a quarter to jail for a minimum of five years. In the same speech Biden went on to take credit for a legislative change allowing the government to effectively rob anyone caught dealing drugs, through the policy of civil asset forfeiture, and demanded to know why the Bush administration hadn’t sentenced more drug dealers to life in prison or death once Congress had given him that power. […]

    “It’s not as if Biden didn’t know what he was doing. He had criticized Reagan in 1981 for insisting on harsher sentences, arguing that prisons were already overcrowded and calling for alternative sentencing for non-violent offenders. He just didn’t care. Biden had made a calculated decision that the elections he would win were worth the damage he inflicted.” […]

    …the epitome of Drug War craziness, the RAVE Act — or the Reducing Americans’ Vulnerability to Ecstasy Act of 2002 that Biden pushed hard…held concert promoters responsible for any drug use at events and treated objects like water bottles and glow sticks as drug paraphernalia. To get the bill passed, Biden re-introduced it numerous times, including once by slipping it into an unrelated bill that created the Amber Alert system. The years that followed saw heavily armed SWAT teams storming raves filled with bewildered, dancing kids — or sometimes DEA agents simply shutting down events that were neither raves nor involved any drug use.” (As a parenthetical note, like marijuana, studies have shown that ecstasy can be effective with combat soldiers wracked with PTSD.) […]

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