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March 2010



Good Luck, SSDP

The International Students for Sensible Drug Policy conference is taking place this week in San Francisco.

Full Program is available online.

I wish I could be there with them. Should be a good (and educational) time. If anyone there is reading this, feel free to pass on your reports and I’ll be happy to publish them here.

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3 comments to Good Luck, SSDP

  • DdC

    Liberty or

    “Give me your tired, your poor, for mandatory pisstastes.
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free Ganja.
    Camera’s stashed on puters? Oh Big Brother…”

    School-Issued Laptops Begin to Raise Privacy
    Blake Robbins, a high school sophomore, was issued a laptop by his school. He claims an assistant vice principal from the school took advantage of the camera embedded in the device to monitor his activity at home. The lawsuit claims assistant vice principal called in Robbins in to discuss “improper behavior” at home, citing pictures obtained from the school-issued laptop. Robbins said officials mistook candy for pills and thought he was selling drugs. The school’s officials admitted to using the webcams to find 42 alleged missing laptops. They did this without the knowledge of the students or their families.

    Teens, Society Will Suffer If R.I. Decriminalizes Marijuana
    US RI: OPED by Brendan P. Doherty
    Col. Brendan P. Doherty is superintendent of the Rhode Island State Police.

    Bong Hits 4 Jesus Nov 10, 2008


    “Students for Sensible Drug Policy is a militant fringe of the drug legalization movement. As parents, we would treat membership in SSDP as firmly as we would treat drug use. Stop the behavior and resign from the group or pay your own tuition.”
    ~ Joyce Nalepka (301) 681-7861
    1805 Tilton Dr, Silver Spring, MD 20902
    Drug-Free Kids: America’s Challenge