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March 2009



Homeland Security Hearings on the Drug War

The Senate Committee on Homeland Security is planning hearings on southern border violence (ie, the drug war). And now there are some House Hearings as well that may come up in the next week as well. Commenter Pat Rogers is all over this on his blog, along with providing lists of House Committee Members and […]

Drug War Porn

I’ve always thought of Al Roker’s DEA as a form of drug war pornography.
But apparently, it’s just soft-core porn compared to Chris Ryan’s Elite Police (DVD out on Monday)

And they‰re about ‹knock down the doorŠ of a cocaine-making lab . . . big time.
KABOOM! A searing blast of heat scorches Chris‰s cheeks as the hut VAPORISES before his eyes, sending a 3,000ft plume of smoke into the air thanks to plastic explosives planted by the JunglasÖColombia‰s frontline cops in the war against drugs.
‹We left the coke lab a blast site of scorched metal stinking of napalm,Š says Bravo Two Zero hero Chris who worked with the squad for his dramatic TV series, Elite Police, about the South American cocaine trail. ‹Then we needed to get out fast.Š

This is drug war action so intense, it even spontaneously breaks out into CAPITALS!
But of course, this isn’t about making money. It’s got a more important message:

‹There was a story where 14 gangsters‰ bodies turned up without heads. Their gang then chopped off the rival gang‰s heads a week later. There‰s no end to what they will do.Š
Now Chris hopes his programme will make cocaine users in the UK sit up and take notice. ‹Despite cocaine being so addictive, some Brits see it as relatively harmless,Š says Chris.
‹But as I discovered, the facts behind it are horrifying. And the misery it causes on its way to our streets is shocking.Š