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May 2008



A question for prohibitionists…

You claim that it’s drugs that cause violence, not the drug war, so… Now that you’ve had decades to show results, with billions of dollars spent, can you show me some proof that there has been any reduction in violence and corruption as a result of making drugs illegal? … in the United States? … […]

Thank you sir, may I have another?

Mike S. Adams recently had a baffling column over at University Awards Criminal Justice Degree to Cocaine Dealer In a nutshell, one of his students at University of North Carolina-Wilmington was arrested for selling cocaine, spent several months in jail and had to drop out of school for a semester, but was re-admitted while […]

Rachel Morningstar Foundation

In the memory of Rachel Hoffman, her parents have established the Rachel Morningstar Foundation, the goal of which is to pass a law requiring legal advice to be sought before a civilian can consent to undercover work. They will also work to decriminalize marijuana in Florida. Go Rachel.

How much pot?

Apparently people are having complicated and heated discussions regarding how much marijuana a medical marijuana patient should be allowed to possess. I find it difficult to get very interested in that debate, although I understand that it’s important for the patients. Here’s what I do think, however.

Law enforcement does not have a dog in […]

More stupid people tricks

Art Hanger is a Member of Canadian Parliament and chairman of the House of Commons Justice Committee and he has written one of the most moronic OpEds I’ve read in some time. He’s complaining about the Canadian Supreme Court’s decision saying that suspicion-less sniffing of backpacks by dogs is a violation of the right to […]