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March 2006



Supreme Court gets one right

Via TalkLeft The Supreme Court ruled 5-3 that if one resident of the house is present and objects, a consent search is not allowed, even if another resident gives consent. Judge Alito did not participate. Roberts, Scalia and Thomas dissented.

You can access the syllabus here; Justice Souter’s opinion here; Justice John Paul Stevens’ concurring […]

Oregonian may have created its own meth hype

Good investigative journalism by Angela Valdez of the Willamette Week, exposing the “investigative journalism” of the Oregonian. Meth Madness — How The Oregonian manufactured an epidemic, politicians bought it and you’re paying. Via Hit and Run


The ACLU and Students for Sensible Drug Policy are filing a federal lawsuit today against the Department of Education and Secretary Margaret Spellings. The suit challenges the constitutionality of the law that strips college financial aid from students with drug convictions. See New York Times article today. More info on the lawsuit is available here. […]

Jack Shafer takes on drug scare reporting again

In Slate: How Not to Report About Meth:

Start your article with an anecdote, preferably one about a user who testifies about how methamphetamine destroyed his life. Toss out some statistics to indicate that meth use is growing, even if the squishy numbers don’t prove anything. Avoid statistics that cut against your case. Use and […]

Coca is not Cocaine

Bolivian President Evo Morales is going to the United Nations in an attempt to legalize the leaf in the international community.

Under the slogan “coca is not cocaine”, they are calling for coca-based products, ranging from staples such as tea and bread to cosmetic goods such as shampoo, to be mass-produced and exported from all […]