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September 2005



Downing Street’s Secret Drugs Report

Go see Daksya’s new blog, Psychotonic. He’s done a great job of laying out the Downing Street Report (something he had sent to me, but I had not gotten around to posting). Here it is in four installments:

Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4


The Return of Reefer Madness

At Salon, Maia Szalavitz takes on the ONDCP’s advertising campaigns, including some of the borderline and outright lies about mental illness, depression, and cancer. Nothing new to those of us who follow this regularly, and it’s not particularly compelling reading, but still nice to see it as the lead article on Salon once was […]

Just a simple case of mistaken identity?

Via Last One Speaks and US Marijuana Party, comes this gem. So here’s the deal…

Cops think they see marijuana plants in a back yard. They take pictures They show the pictures to the district attorney The district attorney takes a search warrant application to a judge The judge signs it Officers search the property […]

Asset Forfeiture Abuse

The Las Vegas Review Journal nails Boulder City Attorney David Olsen in this scathing editorial

Southern Nevada has a new general in the drug war: Boulder City Attorney David Olsen. And Mr. Olsen isn’t concerned about sacrificing freedom to wage his campaign.

Mr. Olsen is attempting to use the state’s civil forfeiture laws to seize […]

Drug War and Class War

In today’s Providence Journal, a good read by Froma Harrop

[…]Possession of cocaine, a felony, did not interfere with [George W. Bush or Lincoln Chaffee’s] Ivy League education. Nor did it stop them from seeking and attaining high public office. Today, taxpayers cover both men’s salaries and health-care costs, and will eventually provide their government […]