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December 2010



New Year’s Resolutions

You probably have your own personal New Year’s resolutions, but if you are really committed to drug policy reform, why not set a few drug policy reform resolutions as well? (And if you’re reading this on New Year’s eve or New Year’s day, I think it’s fair to say that you’re pretty committed.)

What we […]

Even our political leaders have a hard time getting excited about drug war victories anymore

A little bit of truth from a drug war series…

Cannabis clubs in Spain

While the U.S. continues to keep, promote, and export repressive marijuana policies, other countries, often quietly, are finding ways to mitigate the stupidity of the laws the international treaties force them to follow.

Spain is another one.

Cannabis clubs plug a gap in Spanish drugs laws

The Private Cannabis Club, with its palmate green leaves […]

CPAC – here’s your chance

The Conservative Political Action Conference is a big deal each year, and this year’s is already generating some controversy. Turns out that they’re not ready to accept teh gays.

Two of the nation’s premier moral issues organizations, the Family Research Council and Concerned Women for America, are refusing to attend the Conservative Political Action Conference […]

Refreshing honesty in Nevada

… yet still disturbing.

Cristina Silva of the AP has an article: In Nev., booze, bets, brothels OK, not selling pot even as nearby states allow it

The question:

How is a state that has long lured visitors with promises of unconstrained debauchery stricter with pot than its more wholesome neighbors of Colorado, Arizona […]

Being on an Editorial Board doesn’t require actually knowing anything

The Daily Herald (Chicago suburbs) editorial board shows just how ignorant it is: A suburban war on drugs is vital to stem the tide

We must wage a war on drug abuse. That should be the resolve of law enforcement, our communities, our schools and ourselves. […]

Death by heroin was up 130 percent in […]

Old news – DEA is an out-of-control rogue agency

The leaked cables, which various journalism organizations such as WikiLeaks and the New York Times have been publishing, have been interesting historically, but have produced very little in terms of startling or radically new information that had previously been hidden.

The New York Times covers Cables Portray Expanded Reach of Drug Agency


Learning lessons, ignoring lessons, and running away from them

The Portugal experiment in drug policy has been a critical and important laboratory demonstrating two huge points in the drug policy debate:

tough enforcement (with all its destruction) isn’t somehow magically preventing an even larger drug problem than we have today (this is the completely unsupported argument that prohibitionists use to oppose trying anything other […]

Pure evil

Quotable from Thoreau at Unqualified Offerings: No matter how bad it seems, it’s worse

It seems that no matter how cynical you are on the drug war, if you search hard enough you can find some piece of evil that still exceeds your worst projections.


There’s lots of money to be made in that drug war.

So much money. So many profiteers.

Bill Conroy at The Narcosphere covers the story of the $100 Million Drug-War Garrison Approved for U.S.-Mexican Border

A small county board in southern California has just ushered in the era of the paramilitarization of the U.S. border by approving plans for a private, $100 million, 1,000-acre military and […]