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October 2004



Election Guides continue to get results

While Illinois’ 11th District Jerry Weller has been lying about my site and using it to slander his opponent, thousands of others around the country have been visiting my election guides to learn more about the positions of candidates. And that’s how it should be. I’ve also gotten some nice notes from candidates, interested visitors, […]

Thanks for the support

I’ve been getting quite a response to the offensive political tactics. It’s been wonderful. Lots of outrage at Weller’s ads, and some powerful words against the politics all around. For example, Mark at WindyPundit eases my pain by sharing it.

Guither’s article just made me despair a little. If the Ku Klux Klan gives your […]

Jerry Weller. Liar and slanderer

Well, I’m getting a whole lot more publicity today than I wanted. It turns out that Representative Jerry Weller not only accused Tari Renner of supporting drug legalization at last night’s debate because of my endorsement, but is also running ads and sending direct mail pieces slandering both Renner and myself. Here are a few […]

Illinois 11th – Weller vs. Renner

I’ve had the Weller/Renner race as a featured race on this site, partly because it’s a local race for me, and partly because the incumbent is so out of touch. I’ve clearly endorsed Tari Renner, partly because of his public support for medical marijuana and decriminalization (not legalization, but decriminalization). They debated last night in […]

Entire state of South Dakota (population 755,000) arrested for marijuana violations

Thanks for all the kind birthday wishes. I had a great time. Here’s some quick catching up. “bullet” Sister Geoff finds one of those prohibition idiots who try to claim that Legal Pot = Legal Murder. “bullet” Jules Siegal talks about the Doper Vote at Alternet. “bullet” A new acronym is born. D’Alliance notes that […]

More voting guides and some celebrating

Today, I added voting guides for Kentucky, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and Alaska. The following state guides are now available:

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Florida Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Massachusetts Montana North Dakota Oregon Virginia Washington Wisconsin

Oh, and tomorrow’s my birthday, so there may be a little break in posting (depending on how […]

Quick Round-up of Important News

“bullet” Grits for Breakfast followed up on the atrocious drug task force story I talked about here earlier. Scott went to Palestine, Texas with a reporter to investigate the charges. Guess what? All 72 defendants are black. This looks like the next Tulia or worse, and we’re going to need to follow this one closely. […]

Vote Fraud by Sombody Unclear on the Concept

Via TalkLeft, this strange article in Pennsylvania:

County elections officials confirmed yesterday that an undetermined number of students had their voter registration switched to Republican when they signed a petition supporting the legalization of medicinal marijuana in September. …

The bizarre scam has everyone involved scratching their heads over a suspect and a motive. Voters […]

Drug Ring Nabbed

Midway Customs Agents Charged In Drug Ring.

“We’ve successfully plugged a significant pipeline of drugs to Chicago and halted the flow of cash back to the suppliers,” said Richard W. Sanders, special agent in charge of the Chicago office of the Drug Enforcement Administration.


Presidential Endorsement 2004

At long last, here is Drug WarRant’s analysis and endorsement for the Presidential race. I’ve taken a look at the two major party candidates in several specific areas (some of which have been ignored in other analyses I’ve seen), a quick summary of 3rd party alternatives, and then finally, the endorsement.

Head to Head: […]